Broken Churches... Slavery...


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May 12, 2019
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Then your website is worse than Kim il-Sung, you accept one-sided adoration from Union fans and collect golden statues of yourselves. The War has cavalry engagements because every single Confederate knew of the Orthodox Church, "Freedom or Death" is the chant of the Greek Independence movement. The Latin Church attempts to convert the Orthodox Church throughout the Balkans. Every single song is about a great Caesar and Pope , a demagogue, an ochlocrat. Governor George Wallace is about the stations of Churches respecting each others stations and the races respecting their stations and basically, everything in its place. "Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel", appropriately links the ministries attached to Stonewall Jackson and the Union General Pope and a Universal Yankee Nation.
as you don't know when to shut up (and on the first day out of a ban at this) we need time to discuss this. unfortunately for you that means knacki_gra.gif a little longer. you get an email when it's sorted cop.gif