Varina Howell Davis

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Jun 17, 2020
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Here's all we really need to know about Varina then, from the article:

"In 1901...she proclaimed in an article in the New York World that God 'in His wisdom' had allowed the North to prevail and the United States to survive, stating in public what she said in private in 1862."

Also from the article is that Varina, as an educated and politically-aware woman, well understood the Confederacy was a bust from the get-go ("According to Mary Chesnut, she thought the “whole thing” would be a “failure.”) despite her husband's proclivities. It probably didn't help that Jeff was such a goon to her - letting her know that she would never be the equal of his prior wife (smooth move, Jeff) or embarrassing her in polite company by saying negroes could be considered animals (real astute, Jeff).
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