Rejustify, Context for the Slavery Condition


Feb 2, 2021
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Quantifying and justifying the slavery condition has so many side effects. It never lessens the equality of today's African American. Opponents wish to compare somehow any hateful overseas thing to explain American history. Nazis will never explain, in fact couldn't possibly have based anything on the Dixiecrats or vice versa. No obvious systematic persecution is the point of slavery. Slavery is not the exact same, as a legal condition, as a provoking racial epithets or hatreds.

Antebellum Slavery - Health and Mortality (
It opens, "Contrary to certain beliefs, wherever it was unhealthful for Whites to live, it was also unhealthful for Negroes. Both white and black southerners were very vulnerable to epidemic and endemic diseases. They suffered from inadequate medical facilities and lived in extreme frontier conditions. "

The article makes some points that have been corelating elsewhere. " Mississippi mortality table accounts for 80% of slaves dying from consumption. "

"Despite all of this, the slave population of the United States grew by 23% per decade (implying higher rates in pregnancy for slave women). (Stampp) "

"Slave labor on the plantations was divided between work in the slavemaster's home or in the fields. Most slaves were given tasks to perform according to their physical capability. Every slave was given one task per day, and if they finished that task, they were allowed to spend the rest of the day for personal recreational purposes. "
"For the great majority of slaves, the main business was agricultural labor. About half of the field hands worked on plantations with hundreds of acres under cultivation and twenty or more slaves; the remainder worked on farms with smaller land- and slaveholdings. "

So history books have talked about feudal societies, or is this about exaggeration of industrialization. They've talked about Gentry. They've talked about what Calhoun, President Pierce, Breckenridge , Davis note indentured servitude in the Constitution? The institution was claimed to be kinder with those more acquainted with each other. Were there other programs for example with this claim singling out the African Heathen from all other immigrants? Church camp?