Photos of homes on Civil War travels

Jim Klag

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May 12, 2019
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James N. said:
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Thanks @Jimklag for resurrecting this thread and reminding me! Above, the Cherry Mansion in Savannah, Tennessee, headquarters to Union generals W. F. Smith and U. S. Grant before the Battle of Shiloh and where both Smith and W. H. L. Wallace died. Here's a link to my thread on the house:

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Nearby Corinth, Mississippi has several interesting antebellum homes as well; here are two that were used as headquarters by generals on both sides. Above, used by Confederate General Leonidas Polk; below, the Curlee or was used by Confederate General Braxton Bragg and subsequently Union General Henry Halleck. For more about :
Excellent. I have to get to Corinth. I've been to Savannah, TN.Mary Thompson's house (Lee's HQ at Gettysburg)
from afar with telephoto lens.