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May 12, 2019
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We are a non-profit educational site. We do not sell products, use google or other popup advertise nor do we advertise. By doing this we have a great deal of protection.

Assume everything is copyrighted.

Anytime we copy something that is copyrighted, keep it short, and comment on it as if you were teaching a class.

Do not copy an entire article from a profit-making newspaper, online magazine or book and stop. Comment on it to explain it or present your point of view. https://www.jggscivilwartalk.online/index.php?threads/beer-of-the-day.17/page-4#post-456 is a good example.

Look for works whose copyrights have expired over new works. Look for Creative Commons and other open CopyRight works. Look for images to copied on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, these sites terms of service allow for distribution of images there although it is prudent to have commentary like copyrighted images just in case.

PM me with any questions.
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