April 27 In Civil War History

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May 12, 2019
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On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

April 27 Birthdays

1822 - Hiram Ulysses Grant (General Ulysses S. Grant) born, Point Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio.
1835 - John Murray Corse, American politician and Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (d. 1893)

Saturday April 27 1861
  • John Henry Winder, CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.
  • Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott, USA, announces the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, between Philadelphia and Washington, DC, by the direction of President Lincoln.
  • Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson, PA Militia, is assigned to the command of the Dept. of Pennsylvania.
  • Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, MA Militia, is assigned to the command of the Dept. of Annapolis, MD.
  • Col. Thomas J. Jackson, VA Volunteers, is assigned to the command of the Virginia state troops at and about Harper's Ferry, WV.
  • The Virginia State Convention offers Richmond to the Confederacy as its capitol, in lieu of Montgomery, AL, which is strategically too far away from the events of the day.
  • Col. Joseph K. F. Mansfield, USA, is assigned to the command of the Dept. of Washington, DC.
Sunday April 27 1862
  • Skirmish at Bridgeport, AL.
  • Forts Livingston, Pike and Wood, are captured by the Union forces, near New Orleans, LA.
  • Fort Quitman, is abandoned by the Confederates, near New Orleans, LA, and a blockade runner is also captured.
  • Skirmish near Haughton's Mill, Horton's Mills, or Pollocksville Road, NC, with Col. Baron Egloffstein, 103 NY Infantry.
  • Skirmish at Pea Ridge, TN, with Maj. Gen. John McClernand, USA.
  • Skirmish at McGaheysville, VA, and Swift Run Bridge, in the vicinity of Harrisonburg, VA, with Union cavalry.
Monday April 27 1863
  • Skirmish at Town Creek, AL.
  • Skirmish at Barboursville, KY.
  • Skirmish at Negro Head Cut, near Woodburn, KY.
  • Skirmishes at Jackson and near White Water Bridge, MO, with Brig. Gen. John Sappington Marmaduke, CSA.
  • Federal expedition from New Berne toward Kinston, NC, and skirmish (Apr 28) at Wise's Cross-Roads. (Apr 27-May 1)
  • Affair at Murray's Inlet, SC, with a Union landing party.
  • Maj. Gen. Dabney H. Manry, CSA, is relieved by Maj. Gen. Simon B.Buckner, CSA, in the command of the Dept. of East Tennessee; Manry is then ordered to assume the command of the District of the Gulf, LA.
  • Skirmish on Carter Creek Pike, TN, with the surprise Federal attack on and capture of the Texas Legion, under Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, CSA.
  • The Chancellorsville Campaign, VA, as Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, USA, begins to move the Army of the Potomac from Falmouth, toward Chancellorsville, VA. (Apr 27-May 6)
  • Federal expedition from Yorktown beyond Hickory Forks, VA, and the destruction of large Confederate stores of food.
  • Affair at Independence, WV, with Brig. Gen. William E. Jones, CSA.
  • Affair at Morgantown, WV, with Brig. Gen. William E. Jones, CSA.
Wednesday April 27 1864
  • The following are appointed Union Brigadier Generals:
    • Edward Hatch, USA
    • Lewis Addison Grant, USA
    • Edward Moody McCook, USA
  • Skirmish near Decatur, AL, as the Confederate dash on the Union picket-lines on the Courtland and Moulton road is repulsed.
  • The Confederate commerce raider, the CSS Alabama, continues destroying merchant vessels, this time, the Tycoon, off Salvador, Brazil.
  • The Confederate attack on the Union Pickets on Taylor's Ridge, near Ringgold, GA, belonging to Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick's, USA, Cavalry.
  • Skirmish on Troublesome Creek, Breathitt County, KY, where the Federal cavalry overtake, capture, and kill 35 Confederates.
  • Skirmish at Dayton, MO.
  • Affairs at Masonborough Inlet, NC, between the US steamer, Niphon, and the Confederate batteries. (Apr 27-29)
  • Federal expedition from Williamsburg, VA, and skirmish at Twelve-Mile Ordinary, VA. A solid Confederate force is posted at Bottom's Bridge, VA, contesting any further Union advance in that direction. (Apr 27-29)
Thursday April 27 1865
  • Brig. Gen. James C. Veatch, USA, is assigned to command the Post and the District of Mobile, AL.
  • Col. William H. Dickey, 84th US Colored Troops, assumes the command of the District of Morganza, LA.
  • Affair near James Creek, in the vicinity of Mount Vernon, MO, as 2 bushwackers are confronted and laid to rest.
  • The loss of the steamer, Sultana, in the Mississippi River, near Memphis, TN, as its boiler explodes, causing massive loss (1,200 to 1,900?) of returning Federal Prisoners of War.
  • President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train passes through Rochester and Buffalo, NY.
April 27 Deaths

1893 - John Murray Corse, American general (Union), dies on his 58th birthday in Winchester, MA.