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  1. Jim Klag

    October 18, 1767 - The Mason-Dixon Line Is Defined

    October 18, 1767 The Mason-Dixon line, the boundary between Maryland & Pennsylvania is agreed upon. https://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/literary-cultural-heritage-map-pa/feature-articles/our-most-famous-border-mason-dixon-line The Mason-Dixon line was marked with stones having the Penn family...
  2. K

    Cold War

    So the Cold War started in 1919 when the United States,the UK ,France and Japan tried to assist the " Whites ( the remnants of the Czar's Army vs the Bolsheviks. The US Amy had the " Polar Bear " Brigade in Vladivostok armed with Mosin-Nagent rifles to guard the port of Vladivostok so supplies...