USS Jamestown Errand of Mercy...


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Jul 28, 2019
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Before the Civivl war the war sloop USS Jamestown was used for an errand of mercy to Ireland during the potato famine... @PatYoung , The story was big news in its day... first article just a recap of the event...


The mission was led by Captain Robert Bennet Forbes, a wealthy sea merchant living in Milton, MA. With Forbes on the journey were 38 crew members who had signed on to help. In February, Forbes had petitioned the US Congress for the loan of a naval ship to bring supplies, and permission to use the USS Jamestown had been granted.


But the USS Jamestown voyage captured the world's imagination. Reverend R.C. Waterson later wrote, "I consider the mission of the Jamestown as one of the grandest events in the history of our country. A ship-of-war changed into an angel of mercy, departing on no errand of death, but with the bread of life to an unfortunate and perishing people."

Here is a second more detail of the original event...poems were written to collect money, there is a list of the ships manifest, and than details as they prepare to leave and details while they were in Ireland...


On Wednesday the 21st, I received a letter from Mr. O'Connor, accompanied by a splendid portrait of Father Mathew, now at the Athenæum.

I intend to offer to the generous people of New England, this portrait of that great apostle of Temperance and humanity, Theobald Mathew, to be displayed in some fitting place in Boston, in trust, and in commemoration of the voyage of the Jamestown, and of their liberality in coming to the relief of a sister land in a time of unprecedented distress.

I invited Father Mathew to come to the United States with me but he feelingly declined, saying--"I cannot leave my post while the people can make use of me." It may not be out of place here to read his apology, for not dining with us on Wednesday, when I had the promise of his company to meet the Admiral and others. This is in character with all his acts.