Second Battle of Booneville, MO....


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Jul 28, 2019
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Here is the story leading up to and after the Second Battle of Booneville, MO. were its claimed the first Black man fought???

Here is another link about the Black soldiers?


One of the reasons they won was because they had help from the rebels’ slaves. Buried in the endnotes of Michael Fellman’s Inside War: The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri During the American Civil War is an interesting excerpt of a letter from a Unionist soldier, Daniel R. Smith. Writing his parents on September 17, 1861, he related:

Five negroes brought word of the intended attack and were inside the entrenchment during the engagement. Among them was the slave of Col. Brown’s [the Confederate commander]. Whilst fighting he took hold of a gun and shot his master who fell and soon after expired. The darky is tickled almost to death.