Government funding for Confederate statues?


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May 12, 2019
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That would be a great thread. Though I suspect it will fall on deaf ears, or in this case eyes. Emotions, & modern interpretations, override facts don't ya know..?
i never compared adolf monuments (errected during those 12 years) to confederate monuments errectes (after those 4 years)

my post was solely about

It will be a sad day in our country, when all historical figures, & monuments to the dead, are removed from the public landscape. Pretty narcissistic imo.
i said time and again (here and elsewhere) that comparing confederates to nazis is mere and utter bullshit. what i did was attacking your argument quoted above.

i stand by it. taking certain monuments out of public view does not erradicate history and it also does not take out any and all monuments (dedicated for other stuff, that is)

... btw, i'm sure you understand that (which doesn't necessarily mean you like it)